AMPHENOL CONNEX  135110-02-06.00  RF / Coaxial Cable Assembly, SMA Bulkhead Jack, SMA Plug, 50ohm, 6 ", 15.24 cm, Black

AMPHENOL CONNEX 135110-02-06.00
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제품 개요

The 135110-02-06.00 is a 6-inch RG-174/U Coaxial Cable, SMA bulkhead female to SMA straight male connectors. Available with most commercially available RF connector series mounted to popular flexible cables as well as semi-rigid conformable (hand formable) cable. SMA connectors are semi-precision, sub-miniature, high-frequency connectors that offer reliable broadband performance. SMA assemblies on semi-rigid cable are DC to 18GHz and assemblies using flexible cable perform up to 12.4GHz (this varies by cable type). SMA connectors feature a thread-on interface that offers high mechanical strength, high durability and low VSWR. Conformable/semi rigid assemblies have no heat shrink tubing.
  • 50R Nominal impedance
  • Low VSWR SMA connector
  • Semi-rigid assemblies

제품 정보

Connector Type A:
SMA Bulkhead Jack
Connector Type B:
SMA Plug, 50ohm
Cable Length - Imperial:
Cable Length - Metric:
Jacket Colour:
Product Range:
SMA IN- Series
To Be Advised

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  • RF Communications;
  • Commercial;
  • Industrial

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United States

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