CARLO GAVAZZI  EM21-72D.AV5.3.X.0.SX  Energy Meter, EM21, Removable LCD Display, Three Phase, 400V, 6A, RS-485

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The EM21-72D. AV5.3. X.0. SX from Carlo Gavazzi is a Type EM21 72D energy meter. This three phase energy meter available with removable front LCD display of 7DGT readout. It is suitable for both active and reactive energy metering for cost allocation but also for main electrical parameter measurement and retransmission (transducer function). In addition a 2 wire RS485 communication port is available as an option.
  • Self power supply range from 18VAC to 260VAC (48Hz-62Hz), across input "VL1" and "N"
  • Cat. III (IEC60664, EN60664) installation category
  • Dielectric strength of 4000Vrms/1minute
  • Protection degree IP50(front) and IP20 (screw terminals)
  • Noryl PA66 material, UL94 V-0 self extinguishing
  • CE, cULus approved
  • 400g of weight
  • TRMS measurements of distorted sine waves (voltages/currents)
  • LCD type with alphanumeric indications to display all measured variables
  • Screw terminal blocks for instrument wiring

제품 정보

No. of Phases:
Supply Voltage:
Energy Meter Mounting:
Product Range:
Power Consumption:
2 VA
Supply Voltage Max:
Meter Range:
Operating Temperature Min:
Operating Temperature Max:
Digit Height:
No SVHC (20-Jun-2016)
Panel Cutout Width:
Supply Voltage Min:
Panel Cutout Height:

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  • Imaging, Video & Vision

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