MICROCHIP  MCP7383XRD-PPM  MCP7383X Li-Ion System Power Path Management Reference Design

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제품 개요

MCP7383XRD-PPM is a Li ion system power path management reference design using the MCP7383X. Due to the natural characteristics of Li Ion / Li Polymer batteries, they are the most popular power sources for mobile devices. However, extra care in design is always important to implement Li ion / Li Polymer batteries. System Power Path Management allows end users to charge their batteries without interruption. MCP7383X Li Ion System Power Path Management Reference Design is developed to assist product designers in reducing product design cycle and time by utilizing favourite stand alone Li Ion battery charge management controllers with system power path management. Load sharing system power path management that support charging single cell Li ion battery and system load at the same time without affecting charging algorithm of stand alone charge management controllers. There are two independent circuits on the reference design.
  • The system load is supported by Li ion battery when input power source is removed
  • Blue LED indicates charge status
  • Additional Red LED to indicate power good and green LED to indicate charge complete
  • Dip Switch to select programmable fast charge current
  • Available THERM pin on the MCP73833 for temperature monitoring with a thermistor
  • Automatic charge termination
  • Automatic recharge
  • Thermal regulation

제품 정보

Silicon Manufacturer:
Silicon Core Number:
MCP73831, MCP73832, MCP73833, MCP73834
Kit Application Type:
Power Management - Battery
Application Sub Type:
Battery Charger
Kit Contents:
Board, CD
Product Range:
Blue LED Indicates Charge Status, Dip Switch to Select Programmable Fast Charge Current
No SVHC (17-Dec-2015)

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  • Power Management;
  • Consumer Electronics;
  • Portable Devices


Li ion Battery Charger System Power Path Management Reference Design, Analog and Interface Products Demonstration Boards CD-ROM

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