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  • 제조업체:
  • 주문 코드 2070298
  • 제조업체 부품 번호 DK-LM3S-DRV8312

제품 개요

DK-LM3SDRV8312 is a Texas Instruments Medium Voltage Digital Motor Control Kit for Stellaris Microcontrollers, development platform for spinning 3-phase brushless DC (BLDC) and brushless AC (BLAC, aka PMSM) motors. The low-cost Stellaris LM3S818 microcontroller (MCU) on the MDLLM3S818CNCD control CARD module comes pre-programmed with the necessary firmware in Flash memory to run the Texas Instruments (TI) InstaSPIN BLDC motor control solution out-of-the-box once plugged into the DRV8312 baseboard. The system will automatically detect and spin a customer's 3-phase brushless DC motor. The operation of this system is controllable and viewable across a USB interface using an included Crosshairs-enabled environment that consists of a PC application interface and Crosshairs embedded kernel running on the LM3S818 MCU. The LM3S818 MCU provides all of the necessary computational requirements to run TI's InstaSPIN BLDC technology and other customer-developed applications as well.
  • Demonstrates the InstaSPIN BLDC motor control solution's operational advantages
  • Included Crosshairs solution enables user to control & monitor total solution through an easy-to-use
  • Hardware compatible with some of TI DRV baseboards


Motor Drive & Control; Industrial


MDL-LM3S818CNCD control CARD module, DRV8312 baseboard, NEMA17 BLDC/PMSM 55W motor, 24V 2.5A DC power adapter, 110-240V AC input, USA power cable, USB-miniB to USB-A plug cable (for debug and serial communication), Kit CD containing Documentation, LM Flash programmer utility for firmware updates, Crosshairs GUI, Applicable source code, Schematics, TI's Code Composer Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
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제품 정보

  • Silicon Manufacturer Texas Instruments
  • Silicon Core Number LM3S818
  • Kit Application Type Motor Control
  • Application Sub Type Three Phase AC / DC Brushless Motor Control
  • Kit Contents MDL-LM3S818CNCD controlCARD Module, USB-miniB to USB-A Plug Cable, DRV8312 Baseboard , Software
  • Product Range -
  • Features Isolated CAN and SPI Communication, High Precision, Low-side Current Sensing
  • SVHC No SVHC (15-Jun-2015)


구매가능수량 : 더 이상 제조되지 않음


법률 및 환경

  • 원산지: United States

    최종후의 중요 제조 공정이 이루어진 국가

  • RoHS 준수: 아니요
  • 관세 번호: 85423190
  • 무게(kg): .5
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