TEXAS INSTRUMENTS  MSP-EXP430G2  Integrated USB-powered Flash Emulation Tool, MSP430G2XX, Launchpad, 14/20 Pin DIP Socket, LED's

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제품 개요

MSP-EXP430G2 Launch Pad is easy-to-use Flash programmer and debugging tool for the MSP430G2xx Value Line microcontrollers. It features everything users need to start developing on an MSP430 microcontroller device. It has on-board emulation for programming and debugging and features a 14/20 pin DIP socket, on-board buttons and LEDs & Booster Pack-compatible pinouts that support a wide range of plug-in modules for added functionality.
  • Enables development on any MSP430 Value Line device with 14- or 20 pin DIP (N) packages
  • LaunchPad's integrated emulator interface connects Flash based MSP430 Value Line devices to a PC
  • Includes one mini USB cable to interface with a PC.
  • Included MSP430G2xx devices feature preloaded sample programs.
  • Free downloadable versions of IAR Kick-start and Code Composer Studio Version 5
  • 2 programmable LEDs, 1 power LED, 1 programmable button, 1 reset button
  • Built-in Flash emulation for debugging and programming
  • 10pin PCB connector
  • RoHS compliant

제품 정보

Core Architecture:
Core Sub-Architecture:
Integrated USB-powered Flash Emulation Tool
Kit Contents:
LaunchPad Emulator, Mini USB-B Cable, Quick Start Guide
Kit Features:
Built-in Flash Emulation for Debugging and Programming, 14/20-pin DIP (N) Socket
No. of Bits:
Product Range:
No SVHC (15-Jun-2015)
Silicon Core Number:
Silicon Family Name:
Silicon Manufacturer:
Texas Instruments

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  • Power Management;
  • Sensing & Instrumentation;
  • Embedded Design & Development


MSP430G2553IN20 Flash device (preloaded with sample program10 pin PCB Connector (2 male/2 female) 32KHz crystal, Launch Pad Development board (MSP-EXP430G2), Launch Pad sticker, Mini USB cable, Quick Start Guide

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United States

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  • Kit Contents: LaunchPad Emulator, Mini USB-B Cable, Quick Start Guide
  • Silicon Core Number: MSP430
  • No. of Bits: 16bit
  • Core Architecture: MSP430
  • Silicon Family Name: MSP430G2xx
  • Product Range: -
  • Core Sub-Architecture: MSP430
  • Silicon Manufacturer: Texas Instruments