Industry 4.0 - Solutions for smart production line

A production line refers to a set of sequential operations executed in a factory where materials are sent down a refining processto create an end-product. This outcome is either consumed or is a component of a bigger product that must be assembled tofabricate a finished article.


Deep learning and neural networks

Deep learning (DL) is simply one of many available frameworks for deciphering machine learning problems. Deep models are termed "deep"as there are multiple computation layers.


Latest Trends in Artificial Intelligence

AI has shown promising trends over the years, and it's impacting virtually every industry. AI is set to benefit almost all criticaltechnologies, and findings focus on automation, healthcare, enterprise, robotics, facial recognition, IoT, and more. Read moreto gain insight into the current trends and future drivers of AI.


Smart Retailing with IoT

loT (Internet of Things) is interconnected computing devices forming a system. These devices swap data networks sans human interaction.Multiple IoT applications are under development like smart city, air pollution check, and e-health. Technology is ubiquitous today.


IoT and Edge Computing - Trends, Challenges and Solutions Implementation

Discover how to realize your IoT potential, connect, collect and transfer data on premise or to the cloud, and implement real business decisions.


Building PetaLinux Using Git and Bash Scripts on the Ultra96-V2!

Tom Curran, an engineer with Avnet, provides a free course on PetaLinux and how to get setup using Linux on an Ultra96-V2 board.

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