element14 PRIVACY POLICY South Korea

element14 is a trading name of element 14 Pte Ltd, one of the element14 group of companies. The element14 group of companies includes Premier Farnell plc (which operates the www.element14.com community), Shenzhen Embest Technology Co., Ltd and element14 Ltd (which operate Embest), Cadsoft Computer GmbH and a number of sister companies that operate businesses similar to element14 in other countries. This privacy policy explains how we use any personal data we collect about you when you use this website.

We value the personal information of our customers, and use our best efforts to protect such data. As such, we can confirm that we are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including the 'Act on Promotion of Utilization of Information and Communications Network', the 'Personal Information Protection Act', as well as the 'Protection of Communications Secrets Act'.

What information do we collect and retain?

We collect information about you when you register with us or place an order for products or services. You may browse our website without providing any information. However, if you wish to register with us or place an order for products or services, we will ask you for your personal data in order to process the registration and/or the order. We will not be able to complete your registration or process your order if you do not provide the information required. If you voluntarily complete customer surveys, provide feedback or participate in competitions run by companies in the element14 group we may also collect information about you. We also collect website usage information using cookies (see section below on Cookies). Before you submit your information, we will require your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of that information as set out in this Privacy Policy.

We will collect and process your name, address, email account, telephone number, credit, debit and purchase card details to create a web account, identify customers, transact with you, customise information relating to products and/or services to meet customer needs including purchasing items, delivery information for various promotional purposes including discount vouchers, information on products and/or services, invitation to events/surveys as well as for the general enhancement of services to our customers. This information may be collected in a number of ways including collection online via our web pages, (including through the use of cookies), or by email, by telephone (including SMS/MMS), by facsimile, in person or by postal communication.

We will retain and process your personal data solely for purposes consented by you for as long as reasonably required to provide you with the services, to market to you, as required by law or as long as is necessary to in order to settle any actual or potential liabilities against each other. Any personal data held electronically which requires deletion under this privacy policy will be deleted and will first be selected by us and then deleted by order of the person in charge of the protection of personal information by way of low level format to ensure that the data deleted will not be reproduced. Personal data recorded and stored in physical format will be shredded or permanently destroyed.

How will we use the information about you?

We collect information about you to process your order and manage your account. With your consent, we will also contact you by phone, facsimile, email, post, in person or SMS/MMS about promotional offers and sending you newsletters, marketing and/or promotional materials in relation to electronic, technological and engineering products, services, systems and software offered by us and/or our related companies, and information regarding our activities, announcement, campaigns, events and survey relating to our goods and services.

We use your information collected from the website to personalise your repeat visits to our websites using cookies (see section below on Cookies). Each time you use the site we’ll also collect information including domain name/IP address, referring URL, browser and platform, time of visit, pages visited and any searches performed – this information may be used to help us improve the performance of our website and for assessing the suitability of or requirements for certain services.

We may monitor and record telephone conversations with you and use them for staff training, quality and security purposes.

Will we pass your information to anyone else?

We may share your information with the following:

3rd Party contact informationPurposes of use of personal data intended by the Disclosed PartyPurposes of use of personal data intended by the Disclosed PartyPersonal data items to be disclosed
Edenred Pte. Ltd.
DID: +65 6229 8465 | Mobile: +65 97924158
Catherine Pan
Email marketing companySending targeted email marketing and other messages to customersEmail address
International Outsourcing Inc.(IOI)
Jung Choi
Tax processorTax payment for customer’s marketing giftAddress
National ID #
Gift amount
Phone #
Mobile E&M AD
Youn Ho Park
Mobile gift card marketing companySending mobile gift card to customer’s mobilePhone #
Gift amount
Email Address

In order to facilitate the processing of personal data, we have assigned the duties to process personal data as follows:

  1. [Edenred Pte. Ltd.]
    • Catherine Pan
    • Sending targeted email marketing and other messages to customers
  2. [International Outsourcing Inc.(IOI)]
    • Jung Choi
    • Tax Payment for customers
  3. [Mobile E&M AD]
    • Youn Ho Park
    • Sending Mobile gift card to customer’s mobile.

Any change in the assigned duties or the assignee will be publicly notified in this Privacy Policy in a reasonably prompt manner.


We and other Premier Farnell group companies would like to send you information about the products and services we offer which may interest you. If you have allowed us to send marketing information to you, you may opt out at any time. If you no longer want us to contact you for marketing purposes please either login to our element14 Korea website to update your preferences or contact us by email at jyu2@element14.com (letting us know what type of marketing you no longer wish to receive) or by telephone on +82 70 7542 4389.