HIROSE(HRS)  FX10A-140S/14-SV(91)  Stacking Board Connector, FunctionMax FX10 Series, 140 Contacts, Receptacle, 0.5 mm, Surface Mount

HIROSE(HRS) FX10A-140S/14-SV(91)
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The FX10 series from Hirose are two piece type stacking receptacles with straight SMT mounting. These connectors with 0.5mm pitch spacing are used to provide electrical interface for OIF 100G long Haul DWDM transmission module (MSA-100GLH). Transmission characteristics have been improved through a design that fixes ground plates to both sides of the receptacles. Stackable connectors are suitable for high density applications.
  • Insertion loss to cross talk ratio (ICR) meets IEEE 802.3ap specifications for 15+Gbps
  • Receptacle with guide post
  • Signal and ground contacts are arranged in 10:1 ratio
  • Number of signal contact is 140 and ground contacts is 14
  • Stacking height of 4mm
  • Phosphor bronze contacts with gold plating
  • Operating temperature range from -55°C to 85°C
  • Rated voltage of 50VAC and rated current of 0.3A
  • Flammability rating meets UL94 V-0, beige colour liquid crystal polymer (LCP) insulator
  • Mating cycles is 50 and maximum contact resistance of 60mohm

제품 정보

Product Range:
FunctionMax FX10 Series
No. of Contacts:
Pitch Spacing:
Contact Termination Type:
Surface Mount
No. of Rows:
Row Pitch:
Contact Plating:
Gold Plated Contacts
Contact Material:
Phosphor Bronze
To Be Advised

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  • Industrial

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