VERO  20-2136  PCB Test Point, Type 8 Series, Black, Through Hole Mount, 1.32 mm, Phosphor Bronze

VERO 20-2136
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제품 개요

The 20-2136 from Vero is a black bead terminal assembly for 1.32mm hole size. This PCB test point is used for attaching leads to test scopes and probes with scintered glass insulator. The compliant pin design allows terminal to be inserted without damaging hole plating. The terminal will remain in place even when the board is inverted for soldering. The sintered glass bead has a recommended maximum working temperature of 475°C. This exceeds all current standard temperature profile requirements.
  • Used for 1.6mm PCB's
  • Borosilicate sintered glass bead
  • Electroplated bright tin plated phosphor bronze wire loop

제품 정보

Product Range:
Type 8 Series
Connector Colour:
Connector Mounting:
Through Hole Mount
Mounting Hole Dia:
Contact Material:
Phosphor Bronze
Contact Plating:
Tin Plated Contacts
No SVHC (17-Dec-2015)

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  • Test & Measurement

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Great Britain

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