Global IoT Trends Report - 2022

Global IoT Trends Report - 2022

Global IoT Survey results reveals the strong growth of the IoT across a wide range of industries and leadership opportunities in key industries.


Global IoT Trends Report - 2022

Summer of Sensors - Webinars

The Element14 Community offer a wide range of engineering webinars developed together with our manufacturer partners. Stay up to date on the hottest technologies to the latest trends.

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Bluetooth BLE beacons communication for IoT edge devices

Communication Network Protocols

In an embedded world, communication protocols are vital in providing a gateway to reliably exchange information among various devices. Discover the collection of rules that govern this.


Energy optimization communication methods used in industrial application

The Innovation Experts - Test & Measurement

Direct from The Innovation Experts podcast, this eBook features interviews with leading global experts on the future of instrumentation for test, measurement, and related technologies.


Predictive Maintenance To Reduces Energy Waste

How to establish control access to shop floor systems via gateways

Learn how to set up control access to shop floor systems via gateways to uncover valuable data generated by existing operational technology, allowing businesses to monetise it even more using information technology.



Wireless Charger Modules BP3621/BP3622

Wireless charging is rapidly evolving into standard features on commercial products, especially smartphones and wearables. Learn more about compact wireless charger modules BP3621/BP3622.

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